The National Style Of Bottle Opener

Batik. Ancient said wax, and twisted valerian (tie-dyed), folder (hollow printing) and called the ancient three major printing technology, bottle opener is our country's old folk traditional textile printing and dyeing handicraft.

Batik is actually "wax stain", is to use the wax painting spots in hemp, silk, cotton, wool and other natural fiber fabrics, and then through a process in the Indigo VAT, because the wax block isolation, folding burst and cause dye unevenness, constitute a glance, Guzhuo elegant various patterns of dyeing, bottle opener with a strong national customs and flavor, is unique national folk art.

Embroidery. Miao embroidery represents the highest level of Chinese minority embroidery, and the Miao embroidery in southeastern Guizhou is a kind of old handicraft to beautify clothes.

Miao women use colorful silk thread together, Guzhuo, intricate and beautiful pattern embroidery in the clothing, its embroidery colorful, contrast acuteness, color simple, drawing from the Miao's former history, myth, natural and days, easy to exaggerate, unique characteristics, its methods have flat embroidery, braided embroidery, Mawei embroidery and crepe embroidery, such as more than 20 kinds. Miao bottle opener and silver, together constitute the main features of Miao women's costumes. Miao has a dramatic ideographic function, known as the "Body history books" and "wearing totem."

Silver. Silver is the unique ornaments of Miao dong, except for the few men wear, the first is women wear. Silver to an unmarried girl, not only the symbol of beauty, is still the bargaining chip. Mom and dad will do whatever it takes to increase the silver, with the hope that the daughter has a good destination.

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