The Detailed Application Method Of Bottle Opener

1. Clean the wine bottle first, then use the knife on the bottle opener to cut off the ring and cut off the bottle seal.

Attention: At this time the hand is moving and do not change the bottle, because it can be deposited in the bottom of the bottle of impurities "wake up", affecting the taste.

2, with cloth or paper towel to clean the bottle mouth, and then the bottle opener screw drill top into the middle of the cork, clockwise direction slowly rotating into the cork.

3, the first active joint buckle bottle, with the left hand tightly grasp, and then with the right hand to put the hands straight up.

Attention: The left hand must be clenched, and the right hand is "lift" rather than push, or simply will cork to speculate. Other, mention will also compare labor-saving, because the longer the length of the arm is more effort.

4, the cork out of the half, and then the second joint buckle bottle, repeat the previous action.

5, feel the cork quickly pull out when the stop, with the hand to seize the wood plug, quietly shaking or transformation, gentleman to dial out the cork.

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