The Classification And Function Of Bottle Opener

It is mainly composed of (1) handles, (2) long feet, and (3) short legs inserted. The characteristic is that the upper end of the hand is provided with a handle hole, and the bottom head of the hand is fixedly connected with a long foot and a short pin, and the long legs are inserted and the short foot is inserted into the sheath.

It is a simple structure, province material, cost-effective, economical, easy to use, is an open and convenient, with safe bento wine bottle opener.

With the attack and development of modern industry, bottle opener from the first generation to the third generation, from the initial plastic bottle opener to all kinds of High-tech bottle opener, resumes the process of several decades. Some people say that the traditional bottle opener is a "rough gentleman" use of things, then, followed by the advent of air pressure bottle opener and electric bottle opener, "Rough Gentleman" became more elegant, become the real gentleman.

First generation: Traditional bottle opener

The traditional bottle opener is mainly represented by the plastic manual bottle opener. This bottle opener is very clear: 1, laborious, 2, unsuitable for the use of Smith and children, 3, the foreign officer is not beautiful;

Second generation: Stainless steel bottle opener, butterfly bottle opener, Hippocampus bottle opener, metal bottle opener, Multi function bottle opener, air pressure bottle opener and electric bottle opener (prototype)

This generation of bottle opener has a preliminary function of diversification, the use of easy labor, such as stainless steel bottle opener appeared in a knife, played a cut tin foil role; and metal bottle opener in the initial use of the principle of leverage, arrived at the results of easy labor; this generation of opener is broken in the emergence of the third generation of pneumatic bottle opener and electric bottle opener prototype, for the third generation of air pressure and electric bottle opener Foundation.

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