Teach You How To Open Wine With A Bottle Opener

First, open a bottle of wine to first with a knife along the protruding part of the bottle, ring cut off the rubber cap sealed in the bottle. After cleaning the bottle with a clean white napkin, because the bottle of wine can be furnishing for a period of time and fell on some dust.

After that, the corkscrew of the corkscrew was drilled into the cork center of the wine, and the wine franchisee said this was done to avoid the cork cracking, causing the crumbs to enter the wine. Generally speaking, the cork of Italian wine is quite long, so the corkscrew on the corkscrew can be drilled all the way, while the Australian and American wine Cork is relatively short, then the "mercy", do not let the spiral cone drill through the wine plug, to avoid cork debris into the wine, affect the tasting. In addition, the general old potential of large wine cork is also longer.

The third step, the knife bottle opener metal Fulcrum buckle tight bottle, one hand to seize the shoulder, the other hands smoothly lift the handle, the cork slowly pull out. Pay attention, when Cork is about to get out of the bottle, the action should be gentle, so will not announce the big sound, the whole bottle process should try to keep quiet, this is the etiquette of opening bottles. In addition, red wine Department of Red wine to join if you are using a butterfly-type bottle opener, then in the screw cone into the time, the two handles will be active tilt up to the top of the cent, will be two hands down together, the cork is up. Remove the wine Plug and then scrub the mouth with a clean meal cloth, and the cork should be placed in a small dish.

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