Bottle Opener Category

The bottle opener is characterized in that the upper end of the hand is provided with a handle hole, and the bottom of the hand is fixedly connected with a long foot and a short pin, and the long legs are inserted and the short foot is inserted into the sheath.

The use of bottle opener is simple, economical and convenient, and is attributed to an open bottle opener with safe and convenient wine, which is favored by many consumers.

1. Rabbit Ear Type Bottle opener is a kind of rapid opener, because of its two used to clamp wine bottle neck handles like rabbit ears and named. It in the "rabbit ears" grip the bottleneck, the rapid pressure bar, so that the spiral drill into the cork, and then back to pull the pressure bar, so that the cork out.

2. The slotting bottle opener is less common, and belongs to a kind of original bottle opener. It is applied by pricking the thin steel sheet into a cork and a bottleneck seam, and then forcibly rotating to clamp the cork out. Usually in the case of the wooden plug is not suitable to use spiral drill, because now has a pneumatic bottle opener, this bottle opener used less.

3. Wing Type bottle opener

Wing-type bottle opener is widely used, divided into monoplane and two-wing, compared to common is a double wing, "wing" effect is mainly using the principle of leverage straight teeth, will drill into the wood plug screw will cork out.

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