What is the difference between a key chain and a key chain?

In key procurement process, there will be someone because of homophone problem and cause unnecessary trouble, such as key chain with a key chain system, the two words there, there is a substantial difference, respectively to paraphrase: below key chain customization refers to, key chain manufacturer according to the customer's willingness to open mold, making transfer customer satisfaction key chain, and the key chain custom-made, is based on the key chain factory existing mold, make a key chain, no need to pay mould cost; Therefore, when communicating with the key chain, it is important to pay attention to customization or customization. Do not create unnecessary misunderstandings.

Remark: the "fixed" and "order" can be used in many places. However, "ding" means that things have been decided and will not change easily, focusing on the results; "To order" only means that the parties agree beforehand, and whether or not the agreement can be guaranteed or not, the emphasis is on the process; "Customized", which is tailored to the customer's wishes, requirements, standards and specifications; "Customized", in accordance with the original, ready-made style to do.

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