Key chain, years together beautiful

Key chain, small and exquisite, peculiar shape, delicate and beautiful, attractive.

In my life, I like to buy key rings. I was very happy to find fun and fun key chains.

When I'm in a good mood, I put a cartoon button on the key ring, like fat Garfield, cute Mickey Mouse, or winnie the pooh. When the mood is bad, hang a depressed golden monkey or something. To calm the mood, hang a blue sea water, a silver fish in the swimming key chain.

Key chains are changeable. Such as sunflower, golden, representing enthusiasm, up. Elegant orchid, poetic, compact. Pistol - style key chains have practical value. Pull the trigger, shoot a red light and make it easy to see the keyhole when you open the door at night.

On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to Hong Kong, and a friend from Hong Kong sent me a valuable and memorable key chain. Metal products, held in hand, have a lot of weight. It consists of two parts, an outer ring and a ring of Hong Kong's return. The interior was disc shaped and fingered, and it rotates nimbly back and forth, with two flags painted on it. On the left is the five-starred red flag, and on the right is the regional flag of the hksar - a bauhinia is opened in the middle of the red flag.

People are in South Africa to watch the World Cup. Near the field, a valuable football key chain was bought. Leather made, small and exquisite. With a gentle flick of the hand, a little ball of football, bouncing back to its original place, is very real.

Friend from Tibet, give me a special key chain. Wooden, plain old color. Is a sitting Buddha. He says it will help you to be safe, healthy and successful throughout your life.

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