Key chain factory brand construction should go out of four big mistake

A fast man is not a fast man. Manufacturers in the brand construction of small and medium-sized key chain, because of the limitation of money often have an eager mind, hope to build in brand awareness in a short period of time, but popularity is not the same as reputation, brand in the start-up period, often will encounter all sorts of different problems. The construction of the brand needs to be prepared for the long haul, otherwise it is not ready to establish the brand. For key enterprises, the development of the brand must be steadfast, after all, times have changed, more and more homogeneity of products and brands, not just by a few ads and several public relations activities can let the customer to choose you, so be sure to slow, steady, early to give priority to in order to build brand reputation, visibility is complementary.

Brand positioning is inaccurate. Brand positioning is the basis of brand management and the premise of brand success. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and the success of brand building must be based on the accuracy of positioning. Brand positioning is a systematic project which needs to be determined in a large amount of research. In the case of product or brand positioning, small and medium-sized key chain manufacturers often choose the former. Brand positioning must not be too high, after all, ornament premium brand promotion costs tend to be small and medium-sized enterprises can't afford, and high-end brand often is need time to precipitation, in a short period of time is difficult to make out.

The imitation is too strong. Small and medium-sized key chain factory has just set up brand, tend to be relatively blind, so naturally will learn in the same industry well-known enterprises, it is not right, it's just that some enterprises in the process of learning, slowly evolved into a kind of imitation, imitate the model of a successful business. Successful experience is not to copy, so this kind of imitation, the consequences are often do not draw a tiger's dog, before a lot of successful brand can in a short span of a few years to develop strong, because when they build a brand, not leading brand on the market, so it's easy to occupied the commanding heights, and during years of development, this kind of lead has become more and more obvious, so, don't put the key enterprise brand positioning too high, can start from the market follower, follow the leadership brand development, avoid enterprise risk.

I don't care about brand VI. Some small and medium-sized key chain manufacturer in the beginning of brand building, will focus on the market promotion, and ignore the brand VI system, so some conditional key enterprises, at the beginning of the brand building, to do the VI system of the enterprise, the development of CIS in China road is bumpy, but can learn from the essence of it. Key chain manufacturer in the case of accurate positioning, the establishment of the VI system, won't make the brand need to change all kinds of visual factors in the process of development, after all, every time the change of visual factors, need to be brand advocates to accept, of course, the enterprise strategic change vision system is a powerful team in the brand development.

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