Key chain designers have the elements

Key elements of the designer:

1. With a strong aesthetic and unique insight into art, we can display beautiful ideas.

2. Have the hand drawing foundation, sketch to express the base, ability to show the creativity in time.

3. Skilled in the use of professional 3D design software to make up for the lack of graphic design, can better improve the quality and quantity of product design.

4. Be familiar with the characteristics of various metal materials, and have a certain understanding of the production process, so that the design, production and price can be better combined to achieve practical design.

5. Understand market demand and direction, and grasp market dynamics to clarify consumer demand.

6. Develop a client's idea of the ability to talk to and understand its needs.

7. Free form, original style, can not be bound by form.

With the above seven elements, design personnel can make key chain design more perfect, in order to cater to the tastes of consumers, to impress consumers, to sell products better.

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